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About Our Project

Our project consists of 1 short term joint staff training and 3 short term exchanges of groups of pupils and local activities such as workshops, presentations, research reports, project based works, debates, forum in order to achieve our goals. With the concrete results, we aim for the continuity of digital skills integrating the educational process of the schools at the end of the project. Project activities will provide for the inclusion of the use of digital technologies in all curricula. Activities will extend use of ongoing formative assessment and increased levels of confidence in leading the teaching, learning and technical aspects of the e-Portfolio systems in their schools. We know the strategic need to support teachers in developing their professional practice, knowledge and skills so that they can embed digital technologies more effectively in their practice. One of the key objectives of our project is to embed digital technology across continuous professional development. Teachers and students will use digital technology effectively, whereby learners are actively involved in a process of determining meaning and knowledge for themselves, leading to enhanced outcomes. Teachers will be able to use appropriate digital technologies and teaching strategies to enable the development of studentsā€™ literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum. They will engage in professional development and work with colleagues to help them select and align digital technologies with effective teaching strategies to expand learning opportunities for all students. With these activities, students will be able to use appropriate digital technologies to foster active engagement in attaining appropriate learning outcomes and a range of digital technologies to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and understanding required by the relevant syllabus or course. Digi-Mentor Team will continue to design, develop and deliver a comprehensive programme of courses, workshops, on-line resources and courses, good practice videos and a range of other supports and resources for students and teachers. It will play a leading role in promoting and supporting the embedding of digital technologies in teaching and learning processes in schools. E- Portfolios will be used in a variety of subject settings by participating to facilitate the use of effective formative assessment practices. Guidebook including examples of good practice, on the effective and ethical use of digital technologies in enhancing teaching, learning and assessment will be used by teachers.

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